• Brand Identity
  • Interior

Twentyonewood is a men's city boutique. The brands, assortment offered in this store have been selected carefully resulting in a collection of iconic brands which truly match the ambition of Twentyonewood; offerring accessible yet qualitative and strong brands for the self trend-conscious man who have an eye for nice, aesthetically strong brands. Skybox created an identity which houses a strong yet subtle fundament able to represent the diverse yet strong collection of brands in a recognisable yet 'Scandinavian' way.


An appealing logo containing a strong visual element was created. Together with an elegant, subtle colour palette and a strong photography moodboards the building blocks were created to revive the brand in it's various applications.


The interior is treated as a true brand appliance. The fundament's brand is elaborated in aesthetic, balanced way resulting in a strong yet none imposing shop experience.

Elaboration of the brand

Each mean, application is created carefully. The right balance between shape, material and branding results in strong recognisable means.

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