De Hooch

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In what is possibly the city’s most beautiful location, Roberto Meyer's MVSA Architects has designed a transparent building that provides wonderful homes and a wonderful way of life. This project is named De Hooch.

What makes De Hooch even more exceptional is its high-quality service, which is most demonstrably experienced through the Netherlands’ most exclusive lobby. This lobby, staffed by a concierge and incorporating a lounge and a bar, is literally the porch to your private domain. Plus, you get to collaborate with a prominent interior designer to have your apartment’s structural and interior design work customised exactly to your wishes.

The Identity

The identity created by DLVS is based on a luxury metropolitan feel. This envisioned by a subtle logo and lifestyle images. All this with a but an 'open' element, creatively, since selected interior designers will contribute to the end result for the lucky ones who can afford these apartments.

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